Nights & Weekends w/ Kam

Born in San Diego California, Kam has been playing music since he was 6 years old. He took piano lessons and eventually took on guitar and songwriting in high school. He played synthesizers in a band called “Mouthful of Snow” that has toured 3 times in the US. When he moved to Kauaʻi in 2018, the band went into hibernation.

Furthering his education, Kam enrolled to Berklee College of Music where he attends online classes to achieve a certificate in Sound Design. This led him to his job at HI95 where he gets to practice the production techniques he’s learning in school. Some of the commercials you hear on the radio have been produced by him. You can catch him on air Saturday and Sunday Mornings from 7am-12pm and also Weeknights from 7pm to midnight.

Kam loves immersing himself in nature and thrives by the ocean. His dream is to become a Sound Designer / Film Scorer, live on a sailboat, and travel the world. He’s a Radio Producer and Personality, and a Bartender. For fun he likes to read, do hot yoga, or eat delicious food!